My photographs are a further exploration into humankind’s interaction with the environment, which I am also undertaking in my paintings.  I am concerned by the challenging environmental issues which confront and threaten our global future, and was shocked by what I witnessed around my home, in Callignee amid remote farms and plantations.  I have now moved to Wonthaggi.

My photography has enriched my artistic journey through the strengths of another medium, which resonates and enhances my concerns about finding a balance between our economic needs and preserving natural habitats and ecosystems for the coming generations. My conceptual use of the negative and solarizations, increases the sense of otherworldliness and a link to negative consequences of actions.  The connected images question the viewers idea of reality, and extends the perceived scene to a panoramic vista, suggesting an interrelated, larger picture.  The profound spirituality we find in the natural world seems to magically appear in the form of mystical doorways or portals at the interconnections, seeming to invite the viewer into a new beginning.