James has begun a new exciting journey as he has made a career change from being an Intensive Care Nurse in Cairns to coming back down to Victoria to be a Power Production Trainee! He is loving this new challenge and it will be interesting to see how this different direction and experiences will  influence his art.

While James was an Intensive Care Nurse in Cairns. He worked in the Cairns Base Hospital, and had a very challenging time dealing with Cyclone Yasi.  He was involved in the evacuation of the Cairns Base Hospital, and stayed with a group of friends when Cyclone Yasi hit North Queensland.  It was a difficult and anxious time for all the people in his area, ( including his parents ) and he feels extremely fortunate, when so many people, suffered so much.  The floods, the cyclone and the fires have sorely tested Australians.  James being an Abstract Expressionist will no doubt feel it necessary to express these experiences, emotions and creative energy in his art.


James is an Abstract Expressionist who is heavily influenced by Jackson Pollock and Mark Rothko.  He too believes in the importance of the subconscious to inspire his art.   From this inner world emerges the creative part which helps guide his thoughts and movements.  This intermingling of the inner world with conscious action can be seen powerfully in James’ paintings.His current series focuses on the tension of the flowing together of the subconscious and conscious realms.  James’ use of vivid colours and the interplaying of the concentrated fluid paint into a myriad of colour variances and nuances aims to reflect the state of our complicated modern society.  At the same time the underpinning of the coloured forms beneath the web of marks gives a tension to the work with the often subtle breaking through of the background into the foreground tantalising the viewer into contemplating the ebb and flows of life within oneself.James feels that he is at the beginning of his journey into expressing his feelings on the human psyche dealing with the complexity of our collective worlds.