Had a wonderful night at the grand opening of the Hidden Faces of the Archibald 2014.  There was a huge crowd in attendance and great portraits!  

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The Opening Night of the Hidden Faces of the Archibald ( Victorian Salon des Refuses ) is always very enjoyable and a great success! 

This year, I am pleased to say that my 2013 Archibald  portrait of Ms Gerri Christie, who worked tirelessly for 6 years as the CEO of the Royal Flying Doctor Service, has been selected as a  finalist in my eighth Victorian Salon des Refuses!

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In 2012  my portrait of Deborah Forster, a wonderful author, was my seventh finalist in the Hidden Faces of the Archibald and was later also selected as a finalist in the 2012 Portia Geach Memorial Prize, which was exhibited in the S.H. Ervin Gallery in Sydney!


Alan Kohler, was the Guest Speaker in 2011 and gave a wonderfully entertaining speech.  There was a large and interested number of guests attending the opening, staying till late in the evening.

Alan Kohler, which was my sixth Archibald portrait.   This is the sixth time I have been successful in being selected for the Salon des Refuses, Victoria or the Hidden Faces of the Archibald.

Click on the link below to see the promo for the exhibition. 

Sadly I do not have photographs of the 2010 Hidden Faces of The Archibald Exhibition,  of my portrait of ‘Chris Myers – Revisited, because my poor husband was ill with ‘Shingles’ !  This was the second time that I painted Chris, because his first portrait was one of the paintings destroyed in my studio on Black Saturday.  I felt compelled to paint him again, it was a need for a sense of closure, and I was grateful that Chris agreed to let me paint him again.    The opening was at the Hilton South Bank in Melbourne, and was a very successful evening and exhibition.

The Hidden Faces of the Archibald/Salon des Refuses is a wonderful exhibition that highlights the many great portraits that do not make the final selection of the Archibald.  The openings are always exciting, meeting the many lovely artists and charming people who were asked to sit for the portraits.  I have entered the Archibald eight times and while I have been unsuccessful in getting into the Archibald I have been fortunate to get into the Salon des Refuse each time. I have also been selected as a finalist in the 2012 Portia Geach Memorial Prize, which is also a prestigious portrait prize.