The ‘Fields of View’ Touring Exhibition and the Launch of ‘Environmental Expressionism’ at Parliament House.

Fields of View presented a variety of perspectives and perceptions about the environment through the eyes, hearts and minds of five passionate Australian artists.  Leonie Ryan, Kerrie Warren, Peter Biram, together with Werner and myself shared our individual visisons, emotions and concepts about the environment, including our individual experiences of the 2009 Black Saturday bush fires.

Fields of View was an exciting exhibition to be part of as we toured regional galleries and even had an exhibition and launch of a new art movement at Queen’s Hall at Parliament House. 

The early days of the exhibition started in 2008 when we were planning an exhibition focusing solely on the environment.  Of course, there was a marked shift after Black Saturday, as Werner and I had to rebuild and reevaluate our lives.  The other artists in the group all had experiences of the fires and we came to the decision that we should accept these individual traumas and try to express our emotions and concepts through our art and this exhibition.  It proved to be a cathartic process for Werner and myself as it helped release some of the profound feelings of that night and the aftermath.  It has been an enriching journey and one where we feel so grateful and priviledged to have been able to share with such wonderful artists and friends, and family and community who have supported us with their kindnesses.