Ashes to Ashes was my first painting after the Black Saturday fires.  It took quite a few weeks before I felt like working on my art, the whole experience was overwhelming.  Along with the shock was the practical problems of no art supplies, no easels and most importantly no space to work in.  Over time, we managed to get our new garage built and with the help of my dear dad, who made me a wonderful new easel and painting table and many friends who helped with brushes and paints, reawakened my desire to paint again.  This painting means a great deal to me and I was amazed to see the spirituality of the scene unfold before me. There is a subtext of words relating to the fire, scratched into the surface to reinforce my thoughts and fears.  It truly made me feel that I had somehow come to terms with the fire and our altered journey.
My fire series is based on my home and farmlet.  I use text in my paintings to enhance the themes of the spiritual bonds that we have with nature, perception of ownership, fragility and destiny.  The traumatic experiences of fighting the Black Saturday fire with my husband have embedded into my psyche, the tenuous quality of life and the illusion of what is and what will be, but also, the strength of the human spirit.  Through my paintings I have found an important process in coming to terms with these life changing events and the realities of dealing with the aftermath.

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