After I returned back to Australia after living for 11 years in Bahrain, I fell in love all over again with this beautiful country of ours.  I became intrigued and dismayed at the schism of our behaviour towards our environment in light of our profound  spiritual connection to nature.

I draw my inspiration from the Australian bush around my home, amid remote farms, plantations and quarries.  My theme relates to the disfigurement done to the land through selfish acts and neglect.  I felt a link between our treatment of others and the land and expressed  the landscape in human terms.  My work represents the land as ‘Mother Earth’, a living entity, to create empathy and help the viewer reflect on the “hidden” and “surface” aspects of our perceptions about what we see, understand and experience around us.

I lost many of these paintings and others in the series to the Black Saturday fires in Callignee.