Reenchantment Series

My new series is based on the theme of ‘Reenchantment’.  My core concept still remains the belief that the intimate relationship with the environment is built into the human psyche.  However, I feel that since the Black Saturday fires I am even more interested in understanding the basic need that humans have to ask questions about the world, as the enquiry also becomes an internal question about oneself, and the eternal “Who am I?” I feel that our increasing desire to protect the environment and questioning seeing the natural world as only useful raw materials for our use,  is an enlightening investigation and one which begins to see nature in a sacred and magical way again, a “Reenchantment”.   I feel that this spiritual bond with nature is a vital connection that helps us experience our true selves, others and our environment.

Since moving from Callignee to Wonthaggi there was bound to be a change in my work due to my different environment.  I am drawn to the views around my home and the first painting was completed while we were still building our home.  It is called ‘Looking Through My Bedroom Window’ and was of what greeted me at first light in the morning.  The trees near the coast are so very different from the over 100 foot tall trees in Callignee.  The trees in Wonthaggi are knarled and rather squat in comparison as they strive and reach out almost sideways in their struggle to grow in the sandy soil.  They are inspirational, and almost bonsai like. My painting, ‘Coastal Forest’ is also of a view from my home.  The glorious outstretching branches have a spiritual zen like quality of struggle, of just, being and of a spiritual peace! My latest painting ‘Tea Trees’ again inspires in me that strength of nature to strive upwards!


I had an urgent desire to rework my painting ‘Fernery’ see above.  I was feeling more and more dissatisfied with the painting and decided to make some changes!  Well, as you will see there has been a monumental shift in my mark making and my palette.  I feel that I am in a time of flux and new beginnings.  What will evolve from this transitional phase in my life I am not certain.  Exciting?!